Past Projects and publications

Academic publications

‘Community sustainability: a holistic approach to measuring the sustainability of rural communities in Scotland’

2016 Projects

CAMINA: My first exploration into critical education

Community Council: A newbie to community democracy

Climate Challenge Fund: carbon accounting and grant fund application

Imagining Buchlyvie: In partnership with Lateral North and led by Buchlyvie Community Council, a community consultation over six months, involving 80 people in community workshops; identifying and prioritising 30 projects for action

Just Money and ULab 1.0x participation

Woodland creation: new woodland planted with 300 native trees

Writing: My first academic article published!


The sustainability of Fintry, Killin and Kinlochleven. This study highlighted the strengths, weaknesses, and complexity of each community. Each community had a traffic light snapshot assessment of their sustainability and revealed where each community was sustainable and the areas that need focus for development.

Rural visions of resource constrained futures. Multiple workshops revealed the aspirations, possibilities and strategies for rural communities if we are to live in a carbon constrained world.

Fintry Possible: Community Masterplanning with Lateral North. This is phase I and II in their community transformation programme. For further details, see the Community Masterplan.

Argyll and Bute as a bioregion, in collaboration with Lateral North for Alyn Smith MEP – to be published in April 2016.  This successful pilot is to be extended to the whole of Scotland in Phase II later in 2016.

Buchlyvie Play Park Boulder: Buchlyvie now has a soon to be NIBAS-accredited boulder in the heart of the village. A fantastic climbing structure, with open access and providing opportunities for entertainment and skill development for all.

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