Current work and blog

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Current work

At the start of 2022, I find myself taking stock of some of the extraordinary events that have occurred.

Transformational work in 2022 and beyond

This year I am looking to find paths to address the climate, environmental and social crises, develop new educational offerings in response and build solidarity and hope for our collective futures.

I enjoy working with like-minded colleagues at CHE and our partner organisations sharing ideas and shaping them into practical realities.

Preparatory work 2016-2019

I felt I was laying the foundations for transformative action with observing, reflection, writing, and growing self-awareness.

Development work in 2020-2021

Centre for Human Ecology – As a Director of CHEcreating a co-operative educational institution in Scotland; building and extending CHE’s co-operative research platform; and being part of the co-creation of a future UK-wide Co-operative University.  In 2021, one of CHE’s UN COP26 Observers and organiser of the Clydeside Sessions programme of COP26 events.

Co-operative University Federation – co-creating the pedagogy, governance and finance for a new UK-wide innovative and radical educational institution.

Theory U and Radical Human Ecology – deepening my understanding of Theory U and radical human ecology; and integrating them with community development, sustainable development and critical education.