About me

D83A5298-2completeI am a writer, researcher and activist who facilitates rural community wellbeing. My background is diverse as a scientist, analyst, outdoor educator, trainer, project and change manager and facilitator. I’ve worked in life sciences, the oil industry, financial services, and the third and public sectors.

Since June 2014, I have been working independently as a transdisciplinary researcher and activist on a variety of projects – in my own community, with Lateral North and recently as part of the u.lab and CAMINA communities and the Scottish Rural Parliament.  I am a Community Councillor for my village in rural Scotland.  In 2017 I became a Director of the Centre for Human Ecology (CHE); the relaunch of CHE, co-operative education and the development of human ecology within society and my own practice is the current focus of my work.


  • BA Biochemistry (University of Oxford)
  • MSc Environmental Management (University of Stirling)
  • An interdisciplinary PhD (University of Stirling): Survive or thrive: creating options for sustainable communities in rural Scotland.IMG_2872.JPG

Find out more about my philosophy and my research focus. Get in touch if you need more information, or would like to talk about a potential project.

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