A picture showing the urgency and ‘worst case scenario’ trajectory for climate change

My most sobering moment of 2020 was on the Mer de Glace in February. I describe more about how embodiment affected my experience in the RECAST zine published last year.

This is my children ‘on’ the Mer de Glace as we found it in February.  

As I write this in January 2021, the glacier will be another 5m lower than in this picture.  

Tim and I ice climbed on this ice in 1999 just in the middle of the picture when it was at the approximate height of the yellow line.  When we were last here, in 1999, the ice was just a handful of metres below our feet.  The placard marks the 1990 level.

Slater et al.’s August publication illustrates how series this ice loss is –following the IPCC’s  ‘worst case scenario’ of global warming.